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When you first start out in a fresh new Craft of Empires world you will need to collect quite a bit of resources in order to start. Building an empire is not free so you will need a few things before you choose your civilization. You will need at least 22 iron ingots and some wood to build a Hammer. The crafting recipe is like so: 



You will need to craft two of these Hammers in order to craft a Crafting Tool and the first age in COE, the Discovery Age. A Crafting Tool is the main crafting item that allows you to make buildings. This is how you will start to construct you colony.

Crafting tool cr


Once you have crafted a Crafting Tool, then you will need to age up (Craft) to the Discovery Age. This age starts things off fresh and focuses mainly on your economy and resources. You will need to use your second Hammer to craft this.

Dis cr


Once you have aged up to the Discovery Age, then you are ready to start to construct your colony. To choose a civilization, you need to search for one in village blacksmiths. They are rare to find so it will take some time to find one. While you are searching you can start to construct buildings. The first and cheapest building you will want to make is the House. The House is the basic building in COE that is a cozy little shelter to start your empire.

House cr


Once you have finished crafting all of this, then you officially have started a civilization of your own. To place the House, simply right click on the ground to spawn the House. You are now ready to grow your empire and lead your civilization to victory!

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